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It takes a Village…

The Village Gym is a fresh experience in fitness!

Are You Looking for a Gym close to Crabbes Creek that has a Friendly and Helpful Environment with Wide Range of Great Workout Classes and Highly Qualified Personal Trainers for One on One Sessions?

If you are we invite you to come visit us to get a feel for our unique space, friendly atmosphere and hear more about how we can help you find your wellness.

Aqua Aerobics

Low impact, warm water exercise choreographed to classic hits. It’s a cult favourite and our members can’t get enough…

Fitness Appraisals

Our fitness professionals are able to analyse your fitness levels and provide you with a customised program going forward….

Our Boutique Creche

Relax after a Workout with a Great Brew and a Chat at
Our Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop

Our Boutique Creche

Relax after a Workout with a Great Brew and a Chat at
Our Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop

Our Boutique Creche

Relax after a Workout with a Great Brew and a Chat at
Our Hole in the Wall Coffee Shop

What People love about The Village Gym & Swim School

My children (4 and 6) have been having swimming lessons for over a year with Ellen and I am very happy with their progress. Ellen is an excellent teacher - she is engaging and the kids have a lot of fun whilst also understanding the importance of water safety and good listening skills. The lessons are always different and imaginative which means the kids don’t get bored and continue to want to return each term. I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else for their lessons

Liz Leadbeatter

Amazing service. Remedial Masseuse Elise is absolutely wonderful and a credit to her art. A splendid Reception Team who are kind and informative. (Shout out to Ester for her attention to detail and her kind and compassionate heart.) A wonderful location I would recommend to all.

Griffin bennett-wise

Ellen at the kids swim school is nothing short of amazing. Our daughter has just turned 5 and has been with Ellen for over a year. Her improvement and confidence since starting here is out of this world. Ellen is firm with the kids but also kind and warm. Ellen also takes the mums and bubs which I take my 1 year old to and she makes it light and fun but also focuses on the importance of water safety. Would HIGHLY recommend Ellen to children of all ages.

Jessica Jaye Scott

The Village Gym has helped me so much. After a few accidents and having injury, I put my fitness to the back of any priority list as it was painfull and unenjoyable. The classes are run by super helpfull, relatable staff that are passionate about their work and helping people to get on track and improve. They have really helped me to get back into my fitness. I would highly recommend them to the other gym members are super nice and friendly. What's not to love?

Jodie Davis

My 18 month old Daughter and I do mums and bubs swimming lessons we started when she was 9 months old. Ellen is amazing when we started my daughter cried every lesson now its her favourite day of the week and has gotten so good at swimming its fun as well all the kids in her class love it. the other staff are super lovely and helpful as well I highly recommend them

Nikki Ayres

Community Engagement and Partners